The why

The reason to create this blog is quite simple. I discovered that it works for me to have very concrete goals. So if I say to myself that I want to achieve something the way to get there is to have a precise plan, with weekly/monthly/yearly goals. Specific and reachable goals, that allow me to track the progress and to not forget that I want to get somewhere.
Well, this blog is my way of "forcing" myself to learn more about things that interest me. My long term goal is to learn new things, and to learn them in a way that the ideas in my head have some order. The way I plan to achieve that goal is to write about a different topic here every two weeks. This will force me to sit, read, order thoughts and ideas and try to come up with a readable text. It does not have to be long, it just has to be something that took me some time and that I wrote.
Topics I guess will vary, right now I am interested in software testing (as it is my job, and I am new at it) so I expect there will be some of that and about the development process in general. I am also interested in tech and science. I was a cook so there might be something about that too.
To sum up, one article every two weeks.

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